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2. Humility

Download and listen as we review the goals of the podcast and discuss the importance of physical and virtual spaces where men can talk freely about their faith. Find us on iTunes, Twitter and YouTube and at www.

The prophet Nathan confronts David over his adultery with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah. And how tough was it for Nathan to speak truth to power? No church answers and we mean it in this podcast!

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We peel back the layers in this story of lust, adultery, dishonesty, cover-up and murder. We look at David, Bathsheba, Uriah, Joab, even the messenger and sort out their roles in the drama. Not only to we discuss the dangers of yielding to lust, but we also explore why David, a man at the height of his power, success and fame, does something so blatantly self-destructive.

Was it more than just boredom that drove him to such careless indulgence? Mature content. David had an impressive run of victories 2 Samuel 8, extending Israel's borders to their widest extent. We look at the traits that made David an effective, respected leader and how they can be applied today. The gang's all here. David's got momentum. What else is there for a king to do than build a temple for his God? But what did God want?

When you're fortunate in the receipt of God's gifts, is there a danger of getting "carried away" with success? Study of 2 Samuel 6.

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David is anointed king of Israel and unites the kingdom. We contrast the anointing of David with Saul's back in 1 Samuel While David was a man "after God's heart," does a position of authority only reinforce human fallibilities of entitlement and ego? As men and leaders, are we especially susceptible? We start our study of 2 Samuel as David gets news of the death of Saul, who, out of jealousy and insecurity, had kept David on the run for years. Yet David resists the urge to celebrate the demise of his nemesis.

The Leadership Secrets of Osama bin Laden

We look at David's grief and graceful lamentation and how, as men, we can apply it to our routine experience of office politics and bad bosses. A blind man touches off a discussion on whose sin is to blame. After Jesus heals him, it provokes an argument about performing miracles on the Sabbath. We look at the "generation gap" between authorities who are invested in the status quo and younger, more passionate believers, and we each discuss our own spiritual blindspots. Podcast Exodus Who's Your God? Embodying the ideals of bravery, courtesy and loyalty, King Arthur is perhaps the most influential secular role model in Western philosophy.

The leader sets the example by setting aside the trappings of leadership and setting the stage for collaboration. Engage the heart. Be tough and take the hit when it would be easier to fudge and slide by.

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King Arthur used a Round Table where each Knight could engage anyone in conversation. This simple change sent a strong message. We are all equals at this table. Ken Blanchard. No one ever succeeds alone.

Round table leadership is creative, motivating and engaging. Building broad buy-in, engenders a sense of team work that excites constituents both internally and externally. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Widji Blog.

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