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Take Charge of Your Life

Are you seeking a happier and more satisfying life? William Glasser explains choice theorya science of human behavior and principles for regaining and maintaining a life you controland how it can help you find personal freedom from relationship-destroying external control. Take Charge of Your Life, a revision of his book Control Theory, explains choice theory using personalized examples and illustrative stories that allow you to learn how to improve your relationships and take charge of your actions. Topics include marital and relationship problems, parenthood, addictions, pain management, and psychosomatic disorders.

For each situation, Dr.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Sir, This letter is aimed for psychotherapy clinicians and researchers who should acknowledge the relationship linking Kohut's self-psychology and Glasser's Choice theory that can demystify relationship difficulties and mental health problems in narcissistic personality disorder NPD. The Narcissistic Personality. Personality Disorders in Modern Life; p.

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Handbook of Personology and Psychopathology; p. It cannot control what we intend to do, it only gives us information and we decide what we do with that information.

Stage 1: stage of sense - if our senses cannot pick up the information we are not going to believe it so there are five arrows - one for every sense, sense of sight smell, feeling hearing, taste, so if our senses cannot pick it up it goes to the next stage. The Total Knowledge filter TKF - is where we decide that whether or not we can understand the information that has come to us.

Since I am talking in English, information received should pass through the filter and goes to the next stage. Value Stage - so what happens here is that we give it a value of what we think of the information either we give it a positive a negative or a neutral value.

William Glasser

If we give a positive value then it is going to be stored in something called as quality world or QWV. The quality world can be best described as an internal photo album and is consisting of photos of your perfect lives, the life that you always wanted to live. Well photos that satisfy the five basic needs that I mentioned previously are the ones that will stick. If the received information matches any of these mentioned needs we will then save that information In the quality world of our perfect photo album.

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The thing is that we always compare our perfect world with our real life and if the difference is too much, the tiny life scale you see in the figure will be out of balance. That leads to an urge, to behave in a certain way, our internal creative system will give us suggestions of what we should do with our situation, so it gets to a toolbox, then we see of what tools we have to deal with the situation, so the tools we have are - thoughts actions, feelings and physiology.

Well, the answer is simple comrades , because it satisfies all of the needs. It can satisfy the need for love It can satisfy the need for self-worth and power because we generally feel better when somebody loves us genuinely. It can also satisfy the need for fun because we can extend the relationship bond by doing fun activities.

Take Charge of Your Life

It can satisfy the need for our survival because they are two people working together who can share income and probably have children together. Now lets say you are single and you see this entire world of people having partners, you are influenced , you perceive the information of having a partner as positive value, the perception filter clears it and now you have that fact settled in quality world , this would lead to an urge and our internal system triggers an action.

You start to constantly express yourself, going to parties and networking will be your topmost priority and the cycle repeats. So if you want to use choice theory in your own life, you got to watch the world for a choice theory filter because then the theory will come alive as you watch people do the things they want to do and you will understand why they are doing it , in order to satisfy their own basic needs and in time you can start looking at yourself.

Finally, keep in mind that the essence of the choice theory is to prove how our behavior is chosen in order to satisfy our needs, therefore, it is called as the choice theory. Every behavior has a positive intent, no matter how bad the consequences of the behavior are, there is always a positive intent. Thank you for reading, steemians, I hope I was able to explain the choice theory to you, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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